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DrPRP PRP Kit AnteAGE MD Microneedling
PRP Micro-Needling With Dr. PRP Kit And AnteAGE

While Micro-Needling by itself is an effective way to treat scars, wrinkles and other skin conditions, adding Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) to the skin post-treatment will make it wholesome. The growth factors in PRP will enter the local bloodstream to stimulate dermis activity and hence rejuvenate the skin. So far this story is one you’ve probably heard before.

What you may not have heard of is, that, you can combine PRP Micro-Needling with the powerful science of AnteAGE. Their Stem-Cell-Cytokines-based products can make sure your results are long-lasting. Especially with their MD range of products, which available through qualified dermatologists.

How to Make PRP

The extraction of high quality PRP from the patient’s blood is so easy that we’ve made into an easily trainable process that a physician’s assistant (nurse practitioners) can do it successfully in probably the first try. Thanks to the simplicity of our Dr. PRP Kit and our video instructions like these.

The Power Of AnteAGE

AnteAGE MD’s professional Micro-Needling system is something that most dermatologists who’re using it are really proud of. That product and others similar to them are only available for purchase by qualified physicians. The not-so-secret ingredient to AnteAGE MD’s almost cult-like following is their unique combination of growth factors and cytokines derived from human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells.

If you don’t have access to this product, contact us using the form on that page.

Hair Micro-Needling With AnteAGE

Another one of the AnteAGE MD’s popular products is Hair Micro-Needling Solution – this solution contains Wnt signalling proteins and 12 bio-identical growth factors and cytokines for hair follicle stimulation.

To see the full range of AnteAGE MD products at our store, you need to be a member.

More For Platelet-Rich Plasma

When you call or text us at (844) 377-7787, you can ask for special packages for skin micro-needling and hair micro-needling. We offer the whole range of products complete with full in-service training. In addition to the Dr. PRP kit and AnteAGE MD products, we also have centrifuges, soothing masks, and professional hygiene products and Vaginal Rejuvenation System (VRS).

If you’re a physician and would like to browse our AnteAGE MD catalogue, sign up here.

How To Perform A Low-Cost Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift

As any face-lift-performing cosmetic surgeon quickly learns, a surgical facelift procedure is a hard-sell even for those who are desperate for it. The entire process is a challenge not just in your surgical skills but also in your knowledge of facial geometry. That’s why the simpler, more low-cost and natural procedures like Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift has become very popular these days.

The procedure, sometimes called sexy names by fake “inventors” to extract licensing fees from you, is actually capable of delivering surgical-facelift-level results minus the side-effects, failure-risks or downtime.

More and more clients are minimizing their risks by choosing autologous materials for soft-tissue augmentation in their face – and Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift is a proven procedure with good predictability.

For millions of Americans who admire the results of “facelift” but are very afraid of the procedure, this is a god-sent.

Why Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift

The Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift has many advantages over traditional facelifts but none is more enticing than that the carefree nature of the procedure — anyone can have it on a hot sunny afternoon and wake up the next day feeling like a million dollars.

  • It is a better alternative to neurotoxins like Botox
  • No allergy testing in required
  • Reasonably long lasting results (12 months or more)
  • Low cost and high-profit procedure
  • Can be combined with micro-needling and laser treatments
  • Painless and stress-free patient experience
  • Improves skin tone and texture without additional treatments
  • Completely non-invasive and no downtime

And the market rate is about $500 to $1,500 per area. A full face procedure will run into a couple of thousand dollars.

Who Is The Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift For?

For those who want a youthful, firm yet soft look but are freaked out about the lumps with synthetic fillers or those not willing to do fat transfer surgery, Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift is an excellent procedure. It can be used to restore volume in 8 strategic areas similar to the 8-point lift at a relatively low cost.

This procedure is suitable for patients who’re looking to reduce the appearance of…

  • Sagging or dropping face – a sign of aging related to volume loss
  • Dark circles or tired looking eyes
  • Wrinkles and sagging jowls along the mouth and jawline
  • Nasolabial folds or “laugh lines” on the corners of the mouth

When done the right way, Platelet-Rich Plasma creates a beautiful, naturally lifted look with almost zero risk for physicians as well as patients.

How To Perform a Platelet-Rich Plasma Lift

The most easiest way to do the Platelet-Rich Plasma Lift is by injecting autologous Platelet-Rich Plasma Fibrin Matrix intradermally or subdermally below the affected areas. Researchers have proven again and again that injecting PRFM works wonders for wrinkles and folds. One such study is here.

Preparation of Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix

Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) does not rely on host tissue fibrotic response to produce volume enhancements – therefore it has more potential to offer sustained results compared to just plain Platelet-Rich Plasma. PRFM delivers more viable, under-granulated growth-factor-loaded platelets through a three dimensional fibrin matrix.

The preparation of PRFM is simple as explained below.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift

  • Load a 20cc syringe with 3cc anti-coagulant ACD-A.
  • Prime the needle until the ACD-A is at the tip of the needle.
  • Draw 17cc of the blood into the syringe. Be sure you mix the blood and ACD-A by tilting the tube up and down a couple of times.
  • Inject the blood sample into the DrPRP kit, a closed Platelet-Rich Plasma separation tube. Make sure that it is only filled till the 20cc mark on the tube and nothing more.
  • Place the filled DrPRP tube into the centrifuge and place a counterweight directly across it.
  • Set the rotation at 3400rpm and the timer for 4 minutes.
  • At the end of the run, the Platelets and the Plasma will be on the top chamber of the tube and the Red blood Cells on the other end. Push the bottom on the tube to sequester the platelets and the Plasma. The platelets will be sedimented at the bottom of the top chamber of the tube.
  • Using a 10cc syringe with a long needle take out about 6cc of the Platelet-Poor Plasma (PPP) from the top chamber slowly (without shaking it) leaving 4 cc at the base. Keep this PPP handy, you’ll need it later.
  • Shake and mix the remaining 4 cc – this is the Platelet-Rich Plasma.
  • Load and prime another 10cc syringe with the coagulation activator 0.08cc 10% Calcium Chloride. (Take a 1 cc syringe marked off in tenths, fill up four out of five little tick-marks between 0 and the first tenth mark and that’s 0.08cc)
  • Draw the 4cc Platelet-Rich Plasma into the syringe with Calcium Chloride. You have got about 4cc of PRFM now.

You can inject the PRFM with injected intra-dermally using a 30-gauge needle or sub-dermally using a 27-gauge needle within 10 minutes – this is the time period that PRFM can remain in liquid form up after coming in contact with calcium chloride.

Once injected, the combination of Calcium Chloride and body temperature will start the polymerization of Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix and a natural filler will be formed in the injected area.

The 8-Point Platelet-Rich Plasma Lift With PlasmaFill™

For certain clients who need a substantial increase in volume while gaining a tightened look, you can combine the Platelet-Rich Plasma Fibrin with Platelet-Rich Filler or PlasmaFill™ using this device. This device turns Platelet-Poor Plasma (the 6cc byproduct that we drew out earlier while creating Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix) into autologous dermal fillers in a couple of minutes.

It’s an easy to use device. Just insert the syringe filled with Platelet-Poor Plasma into one of the holes in the device, tweak the settings (if needed) and start the process. The PPP will turn into dermal fillers soon.

A couple of things to note about the Plasma Fillers.

  • The Plasma fillers should be maintained at body temperature or slightly higher because lower temperatures will make it too viscous.
  • You must first anesthetize the injection area with a 25-gauge needle containing 0.2ml of Articaine.
  • The PlasmaFiller should be injected using 1″ or shorter 23 Gauge needle or cannula through the same puncture hole. Do not use longer cannula as the material is quite thick.

The Plasma Filler can be injected into the standard 8-point areas which includes…

  • Upper cheek bone area (1 & 2): Inject here to enhance the cheek and tightens the face.
  • Tear trough and mid-face (3): Inject here to reduce the appearance of tired hollows under the eyes.
  • Nasolabial folds next to nose (4): Inject here to create a more youthful look by reducing laugh lines.
  • Corner of the mouth (5): Inject here to iron out the Marionette lines and create a happier look.
  • Lower jawbone area (6): Inject here to replace the volume in the pre-jowl area and lift the jowls.
  • Upper jawbone area (7): Inject here to increase the squareness or angle of the jaw and eliminate sagging.
  • Lower cheek or buccal area (8): Inject here to restore the natural curve and structure of the cheek.


After you’ve done the procedure, you’ll notice that combining Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix with Plasma Filler gives your clients a softer, more flexible outlook compared to the rigid puffy structure obtained through synthetic fillers. And since it is completely autologous your clients need not worry about firmness, swelling, lumps/bumps, bruising, itching, or dis-colouration.

The only disadvantage of Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift

Perhaps, the only disadvantage of the Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift is the time it takes to prepare the filling materials. The ready-made synthetic fillers and neurotoxins are a physician’s dream – just rip off the plastic and inject them – but not so much their clients. More and more Americans now prefer autologous non-surgical methods over synthetic stuff.

However, this disadvantage is more than offset by the significant cost saving this method offers. Plus the clients will actually be happy to see the work done by physician or their staff in preparing the materials. They relish looking at how their own blood is being processed and returned to their bodies to help them look younger and more attractive.

So we don’t think this is actually a disadvantage. On the contrary, it can be a huge plus point.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift

The Role of Growth Factors

A significant advantage of Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift is the presence of growth factors in the fillers. Growth factors are natural substances in the body that is capable of triggering an increase in the production of endothelial cells and fibroblasts. The Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix is a 3-dimensional cross-linked fibrin matrix that binds both platelets and GFs enabling a sustained release of growth factors over about 7 days.

The growth factors are one reason why we suggest you add Micro-needling as part of the Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift – Micro-needling triggers a healing response and the influx of autologous growth factors accelerates and deepens the healing job.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift

Add Micro-needling to Complete the Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift

Add a combination of Micro-needling and topical Platelet-Rich Plasma application to the Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift and you’ll create stunning results comparable to ANY other premium treatments in the market at a fraction of the cost. Micro-needling works by triggering the skin to enter healing mode and create a significant amount of new collagen and elastic fibers. Adding Platelet-Rich Plasma only makes the results better.

Note that it’s totally fine to have both Micro-needling + Platelet-Rich Plasma and Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift all done on the same day as long as you do the fillers after the micro-needling.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift

How does the combined procedure look like?

This combined Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift procedure will give your clients the maximum benefits with almost no downtime. And is by far, the best non-surgical, autologous treatment you can offer your clients. PERIOD.

  • The client arrives at the appointed time, fills out the consent forms and receives local anesthetic in the treatment room. (5 minutes)
  • About 20cc or more blood is drawn from the client and injected into the DrPRP kit which is then spun in a centrifuge to get PRP and PPP. The PRP is then turned into PRFM and the PPP into Plasma Filler. (20 minutes)
  • While this is done, the client undergoes Micro-needling procedure. (15-20 minutes)
  • A small portion of the platelet serum is smeared on the just-micro-needled face. (1 minute)
  • The Plasma Filler and PRFM is then injected into the client’s face by following the 8-point facelift system. (10 minutes)
  • A peptide mask is given to soothe the client’s face. (10 minutes)
A Significant Profit Generator

The entire procedure as described above is the recipe for non-surgical autologous facelift procedure that delivers an array of benefits to the patients namely:

  • Reduce appearance of wrinkles, sun spots, unwanted veins and other signs of aging.
  • Correct minor skin imperfections, marks, acne scars and other blemishes.
  • Lift the areas with wrinkles, sagging skin or jowls.
  • Reduce the appearance of frown lines, forehead creases, nasolabial folds and thick bands in the neck.
  • Regenerate new skin on the face replacing the older damaged layers to improve complexion and smoothness.
  • Restore the natural volume in cheek, jaw and under-eye areas and tighten the entire face.

As you can see this is a complete facelift that thousands of Americans would happily pay thousands of dollars for. According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, just in the year 2016 alone, Americans spent a whopping $6.6 billion dollars on in-office non-surgical skin rejuvenation procedures like Photo Rejuvenation, Dermal Fillers, Skin Tightening, And Neurotoxins.

Now the Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift as described above is a single treatment that has the potential to deliver the whole spectrum of results that Americans paid $6.6 billion for.

In other words, it’s a no-brainer that you should ride the non-surgical wave.

Typical price for this type of full facelift procedure that can be performed in an hour is about $2400. And since much of the raw materials are directly obtained from the client’s blood, you save on costs big time.

Just don’t call your procedure “vampire” or else you will receive a letter from one Dr. Runels’ claiming royalties.

Advanced Fillers Training

For those who’re unsure how to go about actually doing the treatments, we have great news. You can get certified in this and other conventional treatments by Dr. Howard Katz who has been teaching dermatologists for 30+ years on non-surgical procedures. He conducts monthly one-day intensive trainings that will make you proficient in dermal fillers, PRP, and non-surgical facelifts. Seats fill out fast. The next available training is in September and it happens in New York.

You will gain:

  • Know-how of Dr. Katz’s DentoX LIFT – a minimally invasive Facelift procedure that can significantly impact your client’s aesthetics with no discomfort or downtime.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma Proficiency – After this training you’ll be able to get perfect concentration of PRP every single time.
  • The science of fillers: How to use different filler combinations to get deliver the results that goes beyond your clients’ expectations.
  • Proven marketing techniques to AUTOMATICALLY attract the right clients who’d happily pay for your services.
  • Complimentary access to Dr Howard Katz’s online portal that features dermal fillers refresher courses (8 credit hours – regular price $1398).
  • CE credits – you can earn up to 18 CE credits by joining this training event.
  • Training for your staff members – you can bring one of your staff members at no charge.
  • You will be allowed to work on a patient live under Dr. Katz’s supervision if the patient’s condition warrants it.
  • Patient Forms – you will get all the patient forms you need such as patient consent, history and post-operative instructions.
  • Certification – a certificate will be given for successful completion and you will be included in the certified practitioner directory.

Check out the details here.

Dentox Platelet-Rich Plasma Botox Training

Platelet-Rich Plasma For Melasma
Platelet-Rich Plasma For Melasma — Will It Fade Forever?

For most women, a tiny pimple on the face is enough to ruin their day. Or week. Even the slightest imperfection that may have a 1% chance of getting noticed by others will freak them out. For these women, Melasma is their darkest nightmare. It’s a pretty common issue, a result of exposure to sun, that causes brown patches on the face. Permanent patches, I should add.

If you’re suffering from Melasma, the road to “recovery” usually looks like this.

1. You hope that it’ll fade away.
2. Your friend suggests you try apple cider vinegar and lemon juice treatment.
3. Slightly disappointed.
4. You visit a dermatologist who’ll prescribe a bleaching cream (hydroquinone or similar).
5. Full-on disappointment.
6. You Google the hell out of the topic.
7. Overwhelm.
8. Concealers and makeup becomes your best friend.

At this point, no one can convince you there is a treatment for getting rid of melasma. Trying more and more treatment only runs the risk of making the condition worse. So what would you do?

Platelet-Rich Plasma For Melasma

What about Platelet-Rich Plasma For Melasma?

According to recent Turkish and Malaysian studies, Platelet-Rich Plasma is showing great promise for melasma. The one good thing about PRP for Melasma is the fact that PRP won’t make the condition worse unlike IPL, fraxel or other treatments. So that’s one of the treatment you can confidently try without worry. It’s like getting a natural facial treatment that has a whole lot of potential benefits even if it didn’t help cure melasma.

PRP injections work by supplying growth factors to reduce the pigmentation. And being an independant treatment with no downtime, it can be done in conjunction with conventional treatments for melasma to add and enhance the effects. There are more than 30 bioactive substances in Platelet-Rich Plasma that has separate roles like increasing skin volume and adding new blood vessels to name a few.

Platelet-Rich Plasma with Microneedling

This is the most common combination for Platelet-Rich Plasma therapy. Here’s a video of Dr. Michael Somenek performing PRP injection on a patient of his immediately after microneedling. The combination is known to have produced results for a lot of varieties of skin pigmentation issues that it’d not be wise for anyone to ignore it for melasma, especially when creams and peels didn’t help. More important is PRP’s ability to stimulate collagen production in the area so it tightens the pores and makes your skin glowing.

Here’s Dr. Ross Clevens, who’s been using PRP for patients since 2001 about it’s importance.

Here’s the video link.

Why Platelet-Rich Plasma?

PRP is primarily a healing vehicle. It needs to be injected into the membrane below the skin. The way it works is by supplying the underlying skin membrane with collagen and tenascin stimulated by the transforming growth factors in PRP. These growth factors also promote formation of new blood vessels that in some cases results in disappearance of spider veins.

The released growth factors (mainly platelet derived growth factor (PDGF), epidermal growth factor (EGF), vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF), fibroblast growth factor (FGF) and transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β)) can stimulate proliferation of fibroblast and epidermal cell, and collagen synthesis. In addition, the transforming growth factor-beta (TGF-β) has been proven to inhibit melanogenesis — or reverse skin pigmentation — the exact opposite effect of exposure to UV-B radiation.

Typically, patients see excellent results with 2-3 PRP injections in the first 3 months. And clinical studies have shown that it will maintain after 6 months.

However, Melasma is known to recur even after successful treatments. So you must take precautions against it by using sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection and an SPF of 30 or higher. And avoid skin care products that are harsh as they can exacerbate melasma.

Platelet-Rich Plasma For Melasma

Platelet-rich Plasma For Skin Rejuvenation & Anti-Aging
Platelet-Rich Plasma Injections For Face: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

A procedure that has been used successfully for years to heal sports injuries is now becoming the treatment of choice by women to improve the appearance of wrinkles, scars, sun damage and even dark circles under their eyes.

The treatment, Platelet-Rich Plasma, is gaining in popularity for the same reasons athletes chose it: because of its organic nature and because it works. It uses plasma taken from the patient’s own blood instead of chemicals injected into the body. The possibility of side effects is practically nonexistent because the body is unlikely to reject its own blood.

The treatment has become popularly known as the Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift thanks to one celebrity, Kim Kardashian, who tried and recommended the procedure, and gave it its nickname.

Scientific Proof

The National Institutes of Health website cites several articles from peer-reviewed medical journals on studies of the Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift procedure.

One such study, published by the Journal of Drugs in Dermatology in its May, 2010 issue, took place over a three-month period. Twenty-three patients were treated once every month. The mixture of PRP and an activating agent was injected into standard injection points on the face and neck.

The study participants were photographed both before and after their treatments with medical imaging devices, a dermoscope, and a digital camera. A month after the final treatment, the patients came back for a final evaluation. Based on all the scores, the study concluded that results were satisfactory, the treatment is effective and that the patients who participated experienced no serious or persistent side effects. Several other studies are also on the website.

Real Results

The majority of the women who reviewed their own Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift on the website say they are happy with their results. The RealSelf website allows women to share their experiences with cosmetic surgery and ask questions that are answered by doctors. The reviewers also rate their own doctors. One reviewer said her results were still lasting three months after she had the injections. Another said her face was still glowing and her skin was still tighter five weeks after her treatment. A 54-year-old woman in New York opted for PRP for Face instead of Botox after hearing too many negative stories about the latter treatment. She said she noticed a difference in her face and was happy with the way it looked.

Platelet-Rich Plasma & Microneedling

Combining PRP With Microneedling For Even Better Results

A study in the Journal of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery compared the results of two different combination treatments. The first combination paired PRP with a treatment called Microneedling, which is collagen induction therapy. This combination was compared to Microneedling paired with Vitamin C. The treatments were conducted on patients with acne scars.

Thirty patients ages 18 to 34 participated in the 2013 study, and received four treatments each, with an interval of four weeks between each treatment. The right side of each patient’s face was treated with the PRP combo and the left side with the Vitamin C combination. To be included in the study, the scarring from acne had to be rated with a Grade II, III or IV on the Goodman and Baron scale. Digital photos of both sides of each patient’s face were taken before the treatments began and after they were concluded using the same positions, lighting and background.

The acne scars were again graded using the Goodman and Baron scale after treatments. Both patients and doctors rated the improvement and change of grade of the acne scars. All the results were entered into Microsoft Excel database and analyzed using standard statistical methods. Of the 30 patients, the scars of 23 were reduced by one or two grades with the PRP combination.

If you’re not using PRP and Microneedling you’re missing out

Most women who have tried the combination of collagen and PRP have given the treatment good to excellent reviews. One plastic surgeon who administers the treatment to her patients had it done herself and highly recommends it. Dr. Lisa Zdinak, chief surgeon at Precision Aesthetics, said the plasma in the PRP stimulates the patient’s stem cells naturally and “wakes them up” causing them to produce more collagen, which is what makes the skin more youthful. Zdinak said the plasma contains molecules and proteins that provide nutrients to the skin’s cells, so it’s the healthiest, most natural way to improve the appearance of wrinkles, scars and other effects of aging. Coupled with additional collagen, which is also natural to the body, it’s even more effective.

Precautions to be taken

Most doctors who administer PRP treatments ice their patients’ faces immediately following the procedure to minimize the temporary bruising that can occur at the injection points. Icing will also help minimize any swelling or skin irritation for patients who have sensitive skin. All these effects are temporary and are almost always gone within a few days.

Patients with sensitive skin may need to take extra precautions recommended by their doctors. Allow sufficient intervals between the treatments so the skin has time to heal itself. Too many microneedling procedures too close together can cause swelling and even skin infection.

Platelet-Rich Plasma & Fractional Laser

Combining PRP with Fractional Laser

Twenty-two women participated in a study, published by the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery, that combined PRP with Fractional Laser treatments to analyze the effects on rejuvenating their skin. Eleven had a topical application of PRP along with three Fractional laser treatments, while the other 11 just had three Fractional Laser treatments alone. The patients were evaluated both before they were treated and 30 days after their treatments. Several different types of assessments were employed, including blind clinical evaluations, patient satisfaction and even biopsies of the skin. The results showed that skin rejuvenation was better with PRP, and patient satisfaction was higher with PRP compared to Fractional Laser alone.

PRP’s Effects Are Lasting

Women who have had the Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift treatment find their faces look even better several months after they have had the treatments. That’s because the plasma stimulates their skin’s stem cells to produce more collagen, grow new cells and literally rejuvenate their skin. The new cell growth in your skin generated by the Platelet Rich Plasma takes weeks to months, which is why it looks so much better after more time passes. Botox and other filler treatments break down with time, but the Platelet Rich Plasma lasts and looks better as long as 18 months to two years. The FDA has not imposed regulations on the use of PRP because it come from the patient’s own body and is not a drug. The use of PRP with other substances and some systems that prepare the PRP for use have been FDA cleared, so make certain the one your doctor recommends is one of them.

Regenerative Medicine: Why There’s No Bad Side Effects With It

Platelet Rich Plasma literally stimulates new cell growth in the patient’s body wherever it is injected. It helps the body heal itself the natural way without using chemicals or foreign substances of any kind. The possibility of an allergic reaction or infection is almost nil because the plasma comes from the patient’s own body.

The PRP Doctor's Guide to Sexual Regen
Platelet-Rich Plasma For Male Sexual Regeneration [INFOGRAPHIC]

“It’s the next big thing in cosmetic surgery,” Dr. Eric Berger, a Midtown West physician tells the New York Post. He started giving the Platelet-Rich Plasma shot three months ago and now administers about six shots a month. The treatment which takes about 30-minutes comes with a price tag of $2500 each.

The benefits include, increased length, girth, stamina, blood flow, sensation, and less urinary discomfort (if any). And the results are mostly permanent except in some cases.

Dr. Berger is confident that the demand is increasing day by day. He expects to give 20 shots/month by the end of the year.

Ever since the ban on stem cell research, American Healthcare is behind Europe and even Japan in adopting Platelet Rich Plasma shots.

But recently, Platelet Rich Plasma treatments are catching up in the US. In addition to Platelet-Rich Plasma injection, there’s also a Platelet-Rich Plasma injection for women, a injection for hair-loss recovery, Platelet-Rich Plasma facelift and a whole range of other treatments.

Here’s a guide to Male Sexual Regeneration using Platelet-Rich Plasma. Enjoy!



What's the CPT Code for PRP Injections?
What’s The CPT Code for Platelet Rich Plasma Injection?

What’s a CPT code?

According to University of Florida, Office of Physician Billing Compliance,

CPT codes are published by the American Medical Association… to provide uniform language that accurately describes medical, surgical, and diagnostic services.

So it’s a five-digit code that is used in almost all medical, surgical, radiology, laboratory, anesthesiology, and management services.

This is the number that is reported to insurance companies so they can correctly classify the medical procedure of your patient.

So… what’s the CPT code for Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy Injections?

Quick Answer:

Cpt Code for Platelet Rich Plasma Injection — 0232T (Category III)

This is the code to report the PRP injection treatment performed in-office. This includes image guidance, drawing of the blood, harvesting and preparation of the PRP and the injection itself. Don’t forget to support it with proper documentation. This code 0232T is the same code to supply whether the patient is sponsored by insurance or not (self-pay).

NOTE: Do NOT use separate codes. Even though there are individual codes for injection, the blood draw, the image guidance, and extraction of plasma, you should not use those. All work associated with PRP Therapy Injections performed in-office should be reported under the code 0232T.

Do you use PRP Kits?

Purchase a sample here >>

7 ways to wake up beautiful with PRP Treatments

Why PRP?

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy (or PRP treatment) is fast becoming a favorite beauty procedure because of it’s simplicity and effectiveness. It’s easy because it involves blood being drawn from a patient’s body, similar to a regular blood test. The blood is then put into a centrifuge for a couple minutes to separate the platelets, serum and blood cells. And there you have everything you need to trigger your body’s natural healing mechanism at will.

Let’s see how we can use PRP for enhancing your skin and appearance.

1. Removal for ACNE

We start with the most common one. Almost all of us are affected by Acne at some point in our life but it’s common for those in their teens. Acne is the result of “clogged pores.” Pores are the natural breathing mechanism of the skin. It also secretes sebum that washes away dead skin cells. When these are blocked, it causes inflammation on that part of the skin. And the result is tiny bumps on the skin known as Acne or pimples.
These bumps, when they go “burst” can leave a semi-permanent scar on your skin.

How Can PRP Therapy Help?

The platelets in the PRP injections contains growth factors, which are known to stimulate the skin cells and trigger the production of new skin tissue. Production of new skin also means production of new collagen which greatly improves the skin appearance in that and surrounding areas making it appear more vibrant and soft.

With PRP being a fast-action procedure, you’ll see results with just 2-3 treatments — in a month’s time.

How long does the effects last?

This varies depending on individuals but most people can expect the results to last about 18 months.

2. Treatment for AGE SPOTS

Okay. I am guilty of not using proper skin protection from the sun. Some of you can relate. Most of the times it’s because I knowingly let it slip. As a result I have age spots on my face. And my hands. So what can I do?

The good news is Age spots are skin’s built-in protection mechanism against sun. Age spots protect the weaker areas of the skin from direct exposure to sun. So don’t hate them. They are trying to help. But sometimes Age spots can also result from hormonal changes.

How Can PRP Treatments Help?

When the transforming growth factor beta (TGF-B) enters the skin tissue, it immediately kick-starts a skin regeneration process where fresh skin cells are rapidly produced turning your skin back to it’s original condition (or sometimes even better condition.)

Rapidity of result is one of the most significant attributes of PRP Treatments. Typically 2-3 treatments are needed to see really good results.

How long does the effects last?

Effects depend on exposure to sun. Once the age spots are removed, it’s expected to remain that way till the skin is once again overexposed to the sun, which will bring back the Age spots. Under normal exposure to sun, you can expect the effects to last about 12 months.

3. Treatment for PORES

“My pores are big and now they out of control!! Help!” If you hear yourself saying this, you need PRP.

The #1 reason for pores is heat. Under hot conditions, more dirt is likely to accumulate on your skin which produces sebum. The more sebum it produces, the more clogged the pore become. And that causes swelling making the pores look visibly larger than usual.

People try to fix the pores with cheap medications and it’s more often than not makes the situation worse.

How Can PRP Treatments Help?

If your pores are really bad, a combination of PRP and Micro-needling is advised. Micro-needling makes tiny “wounds” in the skin which triggers the skin’s healing mechanism. This healing process is then accelerated with PRP-derived growth factors for skin enhancement. Ask your doctor for special PRP derived growth factors for skin enhancement. For this treatment, you need not use your blood to supply PRP. Just days after this treatment, your skin will grow back healthier with a smooth, polished look.

You will see results from your first session itself.

Caution: The procedure may result in swelling and bruising. It may last for about 3-4 days and will subside to reveal good healthy skin.

How long does the effects last?

Results will last about 3 months and after that, touch up treatments might be necessary. When it comes to skin care, regular care is the key. It’s just not a one-time event. Just like brushing your teeth, it should be done you should take good care of your skin always.

4. Treatment for WRINKLES

Wrinkles. Wrinkles. Wrinkles. They’re not too bad really, but it all depends on your age. If you’re under 30 and have wrinkles or fine lines, that’s kinda bad. Your peak age, in terms of looks, is around 35-40, but for some who really look after themselves, it can even be 50. One of the secrets to healthy-looking skin at age 50 is PRP.

How Can PRP Injections Help?

Platelet Rich Plasma treatments are done using blood being drawn from a patient, similar to a blood test. Therefore, the trigger mechanism that produces the Anti-aging effect (Platelets and serum) is 100% natural. Hence the results look perfectly natural too. Unlike Botox, with PRP, there’s no dangerous side-effects to be afraid of and it won’t look weird either. That makes it a perfect treatment for Anti-aging wrinkle elimination.

The way PRP reduces wrinkles is cool. The platelets and serum injected through a PRP procedure triggers a false “healing” signal to the skin indicating it’s time to repair and thus starts the “collagen production” which ferociously produce new layers of skin tissue.

You will require 3-4 treatments to see great results.

How long does the results last?

Again, Anti-aging process is not a one-time event. You may need follow up treatments in the coming months. The more nutrients (in this case, growth factors and healing serum from your own blood) that you can supply your skin, the more younger your skin will get. At the minimum, the results will last 1 year but it can also be shorter depending on your natural aging cycle.

5. Treatment for EYE BAGS

Who doesn’t have an eye-bag? They are just lying under the skin jumping to reveal themselves at the slightest provocation (or sleep deprivation). Here’s what my friend Carolyne say: “I’ve noticed dark circles under my eyes since 20 or so. And as I grew older I painfully watched that dark circles turning into bags and then getting rounder and fatter. For the first time I started noticing the horrible fatty sacks that are under the eyes of my elders from my mom’s family. It’s was a day-mare. I don’t want to be them.” Perhaps you can relate.

Eye bags are generally formed from strain around the eyes — mainly due to lack of sleep. The strain in your eyes takes away blood (and nutrients) supply from nearby, mainly under your eyes. And thus the skin loses it’s elasticity to form eyebags.

Fortunately, one of the most effective treatments for eye bags or “puffiness” is PRP Injections. Forget fillers and botox.

How Can PRP Treatments Help?

Platelets contain growth hormones. The way it causes growth is by actually increasing the cells’ metabolism. When applied to the area around your eyes, the tissue under your eyes gets more than enough blood and nutrients for its active metabolism and growth. This helps it regain the lost elasticity. Plus the increase in metabolism actually burns more fat that’s accumulated under your eyes.

And it’s completely natural and doesn’t look artificial (depending on your definition of it) at all. Of course, you also have to stop putting excessive strain on your eyes. Sleep more, relax often and breathe easy. Granted, PRP (and most other skin enhancement for that matter) works only for premature eyebags. Meaning if you’re above 80, it’s not only possible to get rid of the eye bags but it will look completely unnatural if you manage to do so.
How long does the results last?

If you’re young (under 30) and have a controlled sleep pattern, you will see results starting from day 1 and it will last for years. Others might take a couple days to see change. But results are almost guaranteed with PRP if you continue with at least 3 weeks of treatment. You’ll see a drastic reduction in your eye bags. Top-up treatments will be required after 6-12 months.

6. Treatment for DULL SKIN

Your skin looks bright and glowy when it’s smooth enough to reflect light. The turnover for smooth skin is usually 28 days. Meaning, every 28 days new skin cells replace the old ones. But sometimes due to our sleeping habits and aging, this turnaround gets longer and longer. 40 to 50-day turnovers are no longer unusual in our society thanks to our stressful lifestyle.

This means more and more dead skin cells pile up and the remaining “alive” skin cells are barely making it. One effective way to shorten the turnover time for skin cells and eliminate dull skin is through PRP treatments. When combined with micro needling therapy, you’ll be able to quickly turn your skin from dull to bright and shiny in a matter of days.

How Can PRP Injections Help?

Both invasive and non-invasive PRP treatments can play big role in reducing the turnover rate of your skin cells. Since PRP contain all the growth hormones that trigger Tissue regeneration, Collagen production and Cell differentiation, it’s a perfect “dull skin killer.” 2-3 treatments from a qualified PRP treatment provider can shorten your turnover rate to return back to 28 days, thus making your skin looking visibly younger and natural.

How long does the results last?

Generally, skin treatments last about 6-12 months. After which you might need touch ups if necessary. And the best way to maintain your skin is to keep healthy habits like proper sleep, eat healthy and no smoking.

7. Treatment for HAIR LOSS

Everyone experiences hair loss and most of it goes unnoticed. But fortunately, for most people (especially when they’re young) their hair regeneration is faster than their hair loss. However, hormonal changes and certain medical conditions can reverse this and cause significant unwanted hair loss.

Research also suggests hair and self-image are closely intertwined. We all know how a bad-hair day can ruin the mood of women. Just imagine what it feels like to wake up to thinning hair or even baldness.

As I said a moment ago, hair loss happens when your hair regeneration falls below your hair loss rate. The reason for less hair regeneration? Not enough growth factors and nutrients. That’s why PRP has been proven to be a major procedure for hair loss treatment.

How Can PRP Treatments Help?

The growth factors and blood cells contained in the Plasma Rich Platelets can be powerful catalysts that accelerate your scalp’s capacity to regenerate hair cells. The growth factors can activate the hair follicles (only those that are dying, the long-dead hair follicles can’t be revived) and make your scalp healthier and cleaner.

Depending on the severity of the hair loss, it can take about 6-8 sessions to get back your hair.

How long does the results last?

Hair growth in cycles. And the average follicle goes through 4 cycles (which can take up to 60 days to complete) in which only one of them is active growth phase. If most of your hair is in Active growth stage, you’ll see results quickly. Otherwise you’ll just do treatments for about 2 months to “catch” the hairs in the Active growth phase.

When you undergo treatments for 6-8 weeks, it’s hard to miss the active-growth phase of the hair and so you’ll see improved hair condition immediately after the 6th week.

In conclusion

Platelet Rich Plasma therapy is a must-have if you wish to stay young (who doesn’t) by harnessing the natural forces that are at play in your body. Already it’s taking the world of wound-healing by storm and I believe it’s a matter of time before PRP becomes the most requested beauty procedure.

The magic of PRP lies in the fact that it’s fast-acting and natural — a combination you don’t get to see often.

How Dr. PRP Can Help You

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