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Are you a specialty healthcare professional?

If you are a healthcare professional looking for a safe, cost-effective solution to perform PRP Regenerative Therapy, we’d love to give you a no-obligation demonstration on how to do that. We’re also happy to rush you some samples and additional resources that you can use immediately.

Do you own or run a specialty care center?

If you run a state-of-the-art specialty center and is looking to offer cutting edge medical innovations such as PRP Therapy to your customers, we can help you. We’ll consult you on the most effective protocols, best practices and requirements for offering PRP Therapy to your customers.

Do you work with healthcare supply chains?

If you help healthcare providers-such as hospitals, nursing homes and home health agencies-realize savings and efficiencies, then adding Dr. PRP’s range of innovative regenerative therapy products will help your clients stay on the leading edge of healthcare practice cost-effectively.