AnteAGE — Age Defying Accelerator


AnteAGE® Accelerator is rich in powerful moisturizers and revitalizing actives. It also creates a barrier to keep the serum ingredients locked in and effective. Your skin will drink it in. Comes in 30ml bottle.

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AnteAGE is derived from stem cells, but not just any type. Mesenchymal stems cells are the human body’s natural reservoir of beautifying chemicals called cytokines. They are abundant in our youth, but disappear with age. Cellese highly recommends using both the Serum and Accelerator for the AnteAGE system to work.  You may use other products you also have in your routine.

What is AnteAGE?

Restore your skin’s natural ability to heal itself with AnteAGE®

AnteAGE®, from Cellese Regenerative Therapeutics, is derived from stem cells, but not just any type. Mesenchymal stems cells within the bone marrow are the human body’s natural healers. They are abundant in our youth, but progressively disappear with age, leading to slower healing and increased scarring.

The Incredible Power of Stem Cytokines™

Cellese scientists acquire these regenerative cells from healthy young adults and grow them in a unique laboratory environment, coaxing them to create the mixture of bio-chemical signals responsible for cell repair, restoration & rejuvenation. These powerful proteins and growth factors (called Stem Cytokines™) are 100% natural and identical to what is produced within our own bodies every day of our lives.

How Stem Cytokines™ work?

The problem is that as our mesenchymal stem cell population declines with age, so does our production and availability of these important healing signals. AnteAGE® restores youthful, healthier looking skin by replenishing these molecular messengers. Stem Cytokines™ represent a unique and powerful approach to reversing the visible signs of aging, an approach that is scientifically advanced yet completely natural. Because we use only the molecular signals produced, our products do not contain actual cells.

Complete System For Active Skin Care

Cellese recommends using both the Serum and Accelerator for the AnteAGE® system to work optimally. The Serum contains a large dose of Stem Cytokines™ that penetrates deeply into your skin. The Accelerator seals your skin after the Stem Cytokines™ have been absorbed, and also contains other bio-active ingredients and moisturizers of scientifically proven benefit. Because AnteAGE® is a complete system with multiple active ingredients, many users find they can eliminate one or more products from their current skincare routine. Makeup and sun protection can be applied over AnteAGE® in a normal fashion.

Reimagining Beauty With Nature’s Gifts

Stem Cytokines™ are the key active ingredient in AnteAge®. These potent rejuvenating molecules are produced through advanced laboratory culture techniques using adult human stem cells (bone marrow derived mesenchymal stem cells). These cells are identical to the ones each of us has in abundance in youth, but which decline dramatically with aging, the major reason healing is slower and less efficient later in life. Stem Cytokines™ are 100% natural. All human cells communicate using cytokines. Life is impossible without them.

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