Bella Microneedling Skincare Device Cartridge (10-Pack)


The original Bella Microneedling Skincare Device Needle cartridges are…

  1. EO-gas sterilized needles for maximum safety
  2. Disposable and made for single use only
  3. Safety cap to safely store device when not in use
  4. Depth of up to 2.0mm for multi-purpose use
  5. Reliably precise maintaining the same position no matter how long you use it
  6. Built-in anti-back-flow system with protection cloth.
  7. Special cartridge mouth design for reduced pressure and skin comfort
  8. Surgical grade 33-gauge needle for even less pain
  9. 9-needles in one cartridge for covering more area in one go
  10. Manufactured in Korea to meet the strictest standards
  11. Has a remarkable 3-year shelf life


How to use Bella

STEP 1 – Insert the needle

Insert the needle tip into the of the device and twist
the needle tip lock firmly.
Bella-MTS-how-to-1 Bella-MTS-how-to-2

STEP 2 – Connect the Power

Connect the power adapter into the voltage regulator.

STEP 3 – Adjustment the depth

Rotate the needle regulator to adjust the length of the
*Be cautious when controlling Bella’s fine adjustment.

STEP 4 – Adjust the power

Press the power button for 2 seconds to turn on and off its power.
*Press the power button to adjust the speed.

STEP 5 – Apply your serum & use

Apply your favorite serum or essence evenly on the skin. Gently
start using Bella on your skin.
*All the micro needle are sterilized. Be sure to change the needle
every use to avoid infections.

STEP 6 – Disconnect the needle tip

Press the power button for 2 seconds to turn off the power
and twist the needle tip to disconnect the needle tip from the device.
Clean the device after use.

Watch the video to learn more about Bella