Microneedling Aftercare Facial Soothing Mask (5 Pieces)


Powerful post-care treatment mask for use after a Micro-needling skincare treatment. Contains the active ingredients collagen and Allantoin Panthenol.

Benefits include:

  • Healing the skin after Micro-needling
  • Increase in collagen for improving softness
  • Includes Vitamin B and E for moisturizing effect
  • Using only plant-based ingredients
  • Can also be used for whitening and anti-oxidation effect

Includes 5 facial masks in one pack.


Active Ingredient: Allantoin Panthenol 

Allantoin Panthenol is a complex between Allantoin (q.v.) and Panthenol (q.v.) and works for suppression and relieving of the skin after Micro-needling skincare treatment. It also helps in tissue building and moisturizing.

Active Ingredient: Collagen 

Natural plant-based collagen improves skin elasticity and delivers an smoothening effect on the skin.