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PRP Injection Costs In The US


PRP Injection Costs

As PRP injections get popular, more and more people are seeking the treatment to avoid surgery. One almost insurmountable block to trying out PRP is the fact that insurance doesn’t cover it. It’s a huge out-of-pocket expense for the patients. Most often it’s the treatment of last resort before surgery.

Dennis A. Cardone, a doctor of osteopathic medicine at the New York University (N.Y.U.) Hospital for Joint Diseases, says, “A good general rule would probably be at least two to three months of failing other therapies. “

Costs can vary depending on the doctor’s experience, complexity, number of injections needed and the span of the affected region. But assuming, one injection is what you need, here are some randomly taken sample costs from across the country. All prices are estimates, true for 2015.

PRP Injection Cost New York

In New York, single injection will cost upwards of $1000. And subsequent injections might cost $800 each. Highest we’ve seen for New York is $2000 for the first injection.

PRP Injection Cost Georgia, Atlanta

In Georgia, it’s slightly lower. With a single injection costing $600-800. And subsequent injections at 500 each.

PRP Injection Cost Hartford, Connecticut

In Connecticut, patients have reported getting it done for as low as $400. Subsequent injections/area can cost $300 or less if done in a package.

PRP Injection Cost Florida

Single procedure cost $800 in Florida and subsequent injections at $650.

PRP Injection Cost New Jersey

We’ve seen many people getting it done in New Jersey for $500/injection. Subsequent injections can cost the same or less.

Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift Costs

“Platelet-Rich Plasma Facelift,” popularized by Kim Kardashian, is a cosmetic procedure that involves injecting PRP to the face to heal uneven skin, rejuvenate and reverse aging. According to Real Self, the average cost for the procedure is $1050. 

You can probably get it done for $900 or less in most of the states outside California. Average upper limit is $1500. Lower limit $900.

See more user reviews, cost details and other useful info at Real Self website.

To learn how to prepare Platelet-Rich Plasma using Dr.PRP Kit, click here to watch video.

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