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Having a sore back is one of the most common reasons why American visit a doctor. And every year, our nation coughs up $80 billion for treatments.

Plus, for back pain, surgery is not only discouraged, but it’s often ineffective. (Research suggests patients who undergo surgery for back pain will often end up having to do more surgery.)

This is because doctors can only guess what’s going on. Colorful MRI will show a lot of suspects. But in the end, they’re just that — suspects. Correcting each one of them, hoping it will reduce the pain is fruitless.

On the other hand, this makes it a good candidate for Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. When PRP is administered to a particular area, it’s re-activating the cells of the entire region. Sort of like carpet-bombing. It alleviates the problem, even though we don’t know where the culprit is actually hiding.

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Try PRP Injection for Back Pain

Anyone who’s had serious cases of back pain ought to give Platelet Rich Plasma a try.

Don’t be fooled by lack of evidence of PRP Injections. When you look at statistics of “proven drugs,” many of them are not as effective as the pharma industry would like you to believe. PRP is shunned because there’s no gain for the pharma companies from promoting it.

Here’s a handy little infographic

I hope this little infographic will serve as a reminder for the options you have to treating back pain.


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