drprp prp kit Platelet-Rich Plasma

Try our flagship prp kit for safe and effective PRP separation and see results today. Let its simplicity, and effectiveness wow you. We can now ship you a fixed consignment monthly.

Centrifuge for PRP

If you do not have a suitable centrifuge for Platelet-Rich Plasma separation, consider getting this one. It’s known for its remarkably quiet and maintenance-free operation. Check it out now.

AnteAge Skin Care

Stem cell cosmetics range AnteAGE triggers the same pro-healing, anti-inflammatory bio-signals our bodies produce when we are young, thus reversing aging. Try it now.

Bella Skin Care

Bella is a workhorse of a micro-needling machine that can be used both professionally and at home for skin resurfacing. Don’t be fooled by its gorgeousness. Try it out today.

DrPRP AnteAGE MD Serum & Accelerator Range We’re now offering exclusive products that are only available for MDs—like the all-powerful AnteAGE MD Range. You can buy them here. Join our MD club today for FREE. Click here to get started.


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Our mission is simple: bring you products that solves problems without creating any new problems, a.k.a. natural solutions like Platelet-Rich Plasma and stem cell cosmetics. It’s my highest hope that these products bring you joy. If you need help, our US-based team is ready to serve you via the email and phone number displayed on the bottom of this page. You can also reach me personally at 281-382-8248. Enjoy your shopping 🙂

George Sig (med)
George Bretz, CCP. LP.
Founder, Dr. PRP USA LLC.


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