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Platelet-Rich Plasma For Male Sexual Regeneration [INFOGRAPHIC]

The PRP Doctor's Guide to Sexual Regen

“It’s the next big thing in cosmetic surgery,” Dr. Eric Berger, a Midtown West physician tells the New York Post. He started giving the Platelet-Rich Plasma shot three months ago and now administers about six shots a month. The treatment which takes about 30-minutes comes with a price tag of $2500 each.

The benefits include, increased length, girth, stamina, blood flow, sensation, and less urinary discomfort (if any). And the results are mostly permanent except in some cases.

Dr. Berger is confident that the demand is increasing day by day. He expects to give 20 shots/month by the end of the year.

Ever since the ban on stem cell research, American Healthcare is behind Europe and even Japan in adopting Platelet Rich Plasma shots.

But recently, Platelet Rich Plasma treatments are catching up in the US. In addition to Platelet-Rich Plasma injection, there’s also a Platelet-Rich Plasma injection for women, a injection for hair-loss recovery, Platelet-Rich Plasma facelift and a whole range of other treatments.

Here’s a guide to Male Sexual Regeneration using Platelet-Rich Plasma. Enjoy!



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